Thursday, 19 June 2014

Bill of Materials and Equivalent Binary Tree

A simple spreadsheet using binary trees to build a bill of materials. Two displays are included:

  1. A simple indented list placed in the Excel worksheet
  2. An expandable/collapsible treeview component on a form.

The two main subroutines are:

  1. mainAppBuildTree (builds a tree and displays in worksheet as indented list)
  2. mainAppViewTree (builds a tree and displays in treeview component)

Data is taken from the worksheet. Two tables are required one listing all items and providing a unique key code for. Another list providing assembly definitions as single level bills of materials. These single level bills of materials are then exploded to build the entire product structure tree. To do this stacks are used.

The spreadsheet can be downloaded here: treeExperiments2014.xls

Other Experiments with Bill's of materials can be found on my ExcelCalcs profile:

  1. exploded BOM (Bill of Materials) 
  2. IE/POM/CAPM Automatic Explosion of Bill of Materials
  3. Indented Bill of Material
Actually revisited trees so could display an XML data file in a tree.

[19/06/2014] Original
[23/04/2016] Changed download links to MiScion Pty Ltd Web Store